The proverb says « Till April’s dead, change not a thread » (En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil), but then comes « Never cast a clout till May is out » in other terms : « In May, do what you please » (En Mai fait ce qu’il te plaît). Which shouldn’t be too hard considering the tons of events on our agenda at this time of the year.

Have you already saved the 27th of May? it’s when the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) is organising a day out in the forest for the Vinocamp Lisbon crew. The only thing you’d have to do is bring your sunglasses, a forest friendly outfit and to not forget to sign up just here !

Day program:

  • In the morning, we’ll walk in the forest just on time to watch how the cork being removed from the trees.
  • We’ll then have a nice picnic break before going to visit one of Amorim cork factory where they treat the pure pieces of cork… Exciting isn’t it ?


  • If you come from the airport an autobus will leave at 9AM in the morning, let us know if you’ll be there so we can wait for you.
  • We are also organising departures from Lisbon city center. We’ll keep you posted soon on the details.

Cork Forest during the EWBC2009 by @Thirstforwine Robert McIntosh

Thank you to the Portugese cork association!
More cork stories coming up!