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The Organisers

vicky wine et gregoireToday the Vinocamp team consistsof three people, passionate about wine, communication and technology. Vinocamp was born in Paris in July 2010 by Anne-Victoire Monrozier (alias Miss Vicky Wine) and Grégoire Japiot, leaving for new horizons in 2014.

In 2015, a Vinocamper since day one, Arnaud Daphy, succeeded him. Anne-Victoire and Arnaud are supported by an independent team including Sarah Phillips, who handles partnerships with food and wine throughout the year..

If you would like to help out for a future Vinocamp, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. [ contact @ vinocamp . fr ] ou Twitter @vinocamp.

gregoire japiotCo-Founder of Vinocamp Grégoire Japiot

I worked ten years in the world of wine in Burgundy, especially on projects related to the wine tourism.

From 2005 I shifted into the “web community” and everything related to social networking and online collaboration. At the same time I invested heavily in the development of France Barcamps these events to the innovative format that came to us from Silicon Valley. From there Vinocamp was born!

After 15 Vinocamps, today he passes the job over to Arnaud Daphy. @gregoire // Linkedin.

vicky wineCo-Fondateur of Vinocamp and super coordinateur, Anne-Victoire Monrozier:

Entrepreneur, winemaker, traveller and blogger, I became an expert in communication via social networks.  I advise Loire Wines on digital strategy, along with teaching at several schools specialising in wine marketing..

Miss Vicky Wine and wine have grown thanks to the Internet and the meetings it generates. So, logically, I wanted to help growers to do the same via Vinocamp. These events have created a network that can support new businesses, they promote innovation in the wine sector and highlight it’s key people: exciting!

E-commerce,product innovations, mobile applications, wine tourism… the issues are changing every year. I support this creative movement and facilitate experiences by string and going a little further each time. A great opportunity to continue to learn and meet, with a drink or a tweet @vickywine // Linkedin.

arnaud daphyWine, Marketing & Communication, Arnaud Daphy:

After 10 years consulting in New Technologies, I was converted by passion to the world of wine in 2006. Completing the OIV MSc in Wine Management, I visited 24 countries in 18 months, to have a 360 vision of the wine industry.

In 2008, je created Triptiq, a consulting firm that accompanies major operators of the Viti-Vinicole industry (producers, interprofessional, etc.) in their marketing strategy.

Besides that, I teach marketing and digital communication with several specialised Masters and I am also co-founder of Wine Mosaic, an association for the preservation and promotion of ‘original’.

Thanks to Vinocamp, my passion for wine and new technology meet! @triptiq // Linkedin.

sarah phillipsWine Startup specialist, Sarah Phillips :

And Australian and #winelover,  most of my is spent time to bringing together entrepreneurs around a good bottle. I love an opportunity to discover new and innovative startups in the industry. Working with Vinocamp and 33Entrepreneurs fulfils my passion, along with extolling the virtues of Australian wines to all who will listen! @SairsP// Linkedin. - Community marks | Co-mis en bouteille par Anne-Victoire Monrozier et Arnaud Daphy
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